Travel Guard Twin Pack


Protect Yourself and Your Travel Companion with the Travel Guard Twin Pack. Ensure the safety of both your valuable smart-cards and those of your partner with the Travel Guard Twin Pack. Our advanced RFID protection technology thwarts intrusive signals, effectively preventing skimmers and scammers from accessing your sensitive card data.

Dependable RFID Protection

Travel Guard generates a protective field around your cards, acting as a robust shield against unauthorized scanning attempts. Rest assured that your personal and financial information remains secure, granting you peace of mind throughout your travels.

Protection for Multiple Cards

With Travel Guard, you can safeguard multiple cards simultaneously. Whether they’re credit cards, debit cards, or access cards, our product provides comprehensive protection for your entire wallet. No need to concern yourself with individual card sleeves or separate blocking devices.

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Convenience and Ease of Use

Using Travel Guard is a breeze. Simply slot the cards alongside your smart-cards in your wallet or purse, and let our advanced technology take care of the rest. No need for activation or battery replacement. Travel Guard ensures continuous protection, guaranteeing convenience and simplicity for your everyday use.


Travel with Confidence

Investing in the Travel Guard Twin Pack means investing in your security and the security of your travel companion. Our product is tried and trusted, offering the utmost level of RFID protection against skimming and unauthorized data access. Enjoy transactions without worries and travel with confidence, knowing your cards are completely safeguarded.


Upgrade Your Card Security Today

Don’t jeopardize your financial well-being and personal security. Elevate to the Travel Guard Twin Pack and encounter the ultimate RFID protection for you and your travel companion. Head to our online store now to purchase Travel Guard and embark on a safer and more secure journey.


Remember, your smart-cards harbour valuable information. Ensure their safety with the Travel Guard Twin Pack, the dependable and convenient choice for comprehensive RFID protection.

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