The bad news is that the risk or threat of becoming a victim of digital crime is very real. It’s common, and reported incidents are increasing at an alarming rate – in Australia and across the world. The fact is, it’s not difficult for criminals to lift or harvest unsecured credit and debit card details. The threat is not just financial either; identity details are being stolen, which is often a far greater problem for a victim than a financial crime.

The reason travellers are particularly vulnerable and at risk is because busy transport hubs are commonly used by criminals engaged in these activities. The sheer number of people moving in and out of terminals, the distracted nature of passengers rushing to make flights, trains, and buses, or the disorientation of a traveller in a foreign country: combined, it creates an environment that can be exploited.



Fortunately, with Travel Guard, the risk of being skimmed is eliminated – completely. Using E-field technology, Travel Guard can block the threatening signals that put card and identity details at risk. Travel Guard does not require its own power source either, so a user doesn’t have to remember to turn it on, which is perfect for the tired traveller. Travel Guard draws power from the signals being broadcast by skimming devices, in an attempt to steal information. The very devices that pose a threat provide Travel Guard with a power source. Once Travel Guard is placed in a wallet or purse, it can be forgotten. It will activate automatically when it detects a threat. It protects multiple cards too.



Yes. While there is no financial risk to a passport holder if skimmed, there’s certainly the risk of an identity-related crime being carried out. The information held on a passport can be stolen. The safest and cheapest form of insurance to guard against this possibility is to place Travel Guard next to or close to your passport, ideally in a passport holder. Another option is using the Travel Guard passport holder. The Travel Guard passport holder is enabled with the same blocking E-FieldTM technology as the Travel Guard card. A passport and any credit cards stored in the Passport holder will be protected from all threatening RFID signals. For more information on either the Travel Guard Card or the Passport Holder, visit THE SHOP PAGE

At Travel Guard, we grasp the genuine risks of digital crime and the escalating incidents reported globally. Criminals effortlessly gather unsecured card details, presenting financial and identity threats. Travellers, particularly at bustling transport hubs, are susceptible. That’s precisely where Travel Guard intervenes to offer comprehensive protection. Fueled by E-field technology, our card obstructs menacing signals without requiring an external power source. Simply position it in your wallet or purse and let it slip your mind. It triggers automatically upon detecting a threat and safeguards multiple cards. Bear in mind, it’s imperative to safeguard your passport as well, given its valuable identity information. Opt for our Travel Guard passport holder for additional peace of mind. Don’t jeopardise your financial and personal security.


Uncover the potential of E-Field technology, an automated electronic field designed to shield your credit and debit card information. RFID chips that store card details can be susceptible to remote breaches by RFID scanners. E-Field establishes an immediate protective perimeter, obstructing menacing signals emitted by scanning devices. Secure your precious information with E-Field technology.